55 Secrets To Save On Family Clothing Purchases

1. Before purchasing new clothing items, ask yourself if you really need it!

2. If you charge clothing, pay your bills before “due date”.

3. Consider shopping at discount stores.

4. Can you get along without it until a sale comes along at season’s end?

5. Is it a new “fad” that may be out of style in a short time?

6. Shop for clothing at rummage sales, garage sales, flea markets, etc.

7. Shop for used clothing at “like new” shops – see your Yellow Pages.

8. Watch newspaper ads for store sales, clearances, close-outs, etc.

9. Consider buying or renting a sewing machine and making it yourself.

10. Save by shining your own shoes.

11. Keep care costs in mind. Buy washables and save on dry cleaning bills.

12. Shop for clothing at thrift shops.

13. Always keep your clothes clean and in good repair. They’ll last longer.

14. Raise cash by selling discarded clothing at garage sales, flea markets, etc.

15. Alter adult’s clothing for your children.

16. Make minor clothing repairs yourself.

17. Get old shoes repaired for longer wear: resoled, new heels added, etc.

18. Buy only clothing items that are well made and will wear well.

19. Stick to basic styles, colors, fabrics.

20. Trade clothing items with friends & neighbors (especially children’s).

21. Carry a plastic raincoat to protect clothing from unexpected showers.

22. Look for clothing bargains in newspaper classified ads.

23. Buy versatile clothes that can be used for different occasions.

24. Buy coordinated clothing so you can mix and match and have more outfits.

25. Donate used clothing to charities for tax deductions.

26. Save older children’s clothing for hand-me-downs for the younger ones.

27. Hand clothes properly for longer life.

28. Change into old (washable) clothes for dirty at-home tasks.

29. Before storing, shoes should be cleaned, polished & shoe trees inserted.

30. Take extra special care of leather clothing items for lifetime wear.

31. Avoid dry cleaning bills. Many spots can be removed with cleaning fluids.

32. Buy dual-purpose clothing, such as reversible, topcoat/raincoats, etc.

33. If bored with a pair of shoes, consider dying them a different color.

34. Use worn-out clothing for cleaning, household wipes, and “nose blowers”.

35. Consider saving by ordering clothing items from mail order houses.

36. Buy children’s clothing items a size or two larger for longer wear.

37. During sales, stock up on basics: sleep wear, underwear, socks, etc.

38. Teach children to care for their clothing.

39. Don’t “kill time” in clothing stores or you may buy things you don’t need.

40. Get to know where to go for the best buys for certain items.

41. Practice sales resistance if you can’t find exactly what you want.

42. Remember that high price does not necessarily mean good quality.

43. When shopping, have a definite plan and stick to it.

44. If you cannot find what you want, go home without it.

45. Never buy anything just because “everyone else is wearing it”!

46. Buy men’s suits & coats in February, April, and November & before Christmas.

47. Stock up on children’s clothes after back-to-school sales in October.

48. Buy men’s shirts, socks and underwear before Father’s Day in June.

49. Buy women’s winter coats & suits in November.

50. Buy summer clothing, swimsuits, shoes & sandals during sales in July.

51. Buy cocktail dresses, winter boots and furs during January sales.

52. Shop “After Easter” sales for children’s clothes, dresses, spring coats and fabrics.

53. Look for spring sportswear sales during May.

54. Buy ski clothing during August; other sports clothing during July sales.

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