Boxing: Floyd Mayweather vs Cristiano Ronaldo: Who has the most expensive jewelry collection?

In the world of sports today, superstars are known for their eccentric tastes when it comes to spending their fortunes, and this has been demonstrated by both Manchester United‘s Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo and American boxer Floyd Mayweather, who, when it comes to buying jewelry, spare no expense.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. trained with his grandson as a spectator

Who has the most expensive jewelry collection?

Floyd Mayweather is famous for showing off all his eccentric tastes.

He usually uses social media to show off everything he buys, especially in shopping malls, but where the American boxer spends the most in retirement is on his cars, airplanes and jewelry. The also known as Money has a jewelry collection that is valued at $28 million.

Cristiano Ronaldo and his small jewelry fortune

While Mayweather has more than $28 million in jewelry pieces, Manchester United’s Portuguese star can boast a collection valued at only $3.5 million.

The truth is that CR7 also has many millions stored in his garage in an incredible collection of cars of the most exclusive and expensive brands from all over the world.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Floyd Mayweather, examples of eccentricity

Both the Portuguese and the American are among the best exponents in their respective disciplines, but outside their sports, they are true champions when it comes to spending on luxuries, be it jewelry, cars or even private jets to travel around the world.

For now, while Money continues to have exhibition fights, the Portuguese star is preparing to play his fifth World Cup, tying an all-time record.

To celebrate this achievement, Cristiano Ronaldo could buy a few more jewels, after all, he can afford these luxuries precisely because of what he has produced on the courts around the world.