Can Increasing Your Sperm Count Make You More Attractive to Women?

What underlying factors, factors that we may not even be aware of, can make a man more attractive to women?

Human attraction is a fascinating subject. For instance, did you know that a woman will be influenced by her father’s aftershave all of her life? That’s correct. A young girl who smells her father’s aftershave will create a “link” with that smell. After all, olfaction (smell) is the sense that is most closely linked to memory. Let’s say her father wore Old Spice when she was a child. When she becomes an adult, she will unconsciously be attracted to men who wear Old Spice and not even be aware of it.

There are many examples of such things. Take the baby male child. The woman who is closest to him after birth, apart from his mother, will have a great impact on what type of woman he is attracted to in later life. Every wonder why those sexy redheads drive you crazy? Chances are your nurse was a redhead who tended to you when you were born.

But it gets even more unexplainable. A scientific Spanish study took a group of men and a group of women who had never met before. The women were asked to choose which men were the most attractive. They knew nothing about the men, except to look at their physical appearance and they were clothed.

The women chose which men were the most attractive and the data was compiled. Then the scientists measured the sperm count of the men.

The men that the women deemed the most attractive were the men with the Highest Count of Healthy Sperm.

How can that be? How can a woman instinctively know that a man has a higher sperm count or not? And even more interestingly, is why would she find him more attractive than the man with less sperm?

Call it Women’s Intuition. It’s the Survival of the Fittest. Unconsciously women are attracted to men who will be able to help them create children. It’s just human nature; some things cannot be explained. Just like whenever there is a war and a lot of men die, what happens to the birth rate? The male birth rate skyrockets to compensate for the lost men. How does Nature know these secrets? Secrets that are beyond our control…

So if you’d like to make yourself more attractive to women, a great way to do it is to increase your number of healthy sperm. A great way to do this is to stop smoking and eat foods high in zinc. This will do wonders for your sperm count.

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Georg von Neumann