Cincinnati-style vs. Toledo-style chili war has erupted

CINCINNATI — There’s nothing better than a heaping pile of cheese on top of your spaghetti and chili. It’s a perfectly layered delicacy. That is, unless your from Toledo.

The internet is up in arms after a debate between Cincinnati-style chili lovers and Toledo-style chili fanatics erupted on Reddit.

As we all know here in the Tri-State, Cincinnati-style chili — eaten at restaurants like Skyline, Gold Star, Camp Washington Chili and more — is often enjoyed as a plate of spaghetti with delicious chili and a hefty pile of cheddar cheese on top.

Up in the north, Toledo-style chili does it a bit backwards. Instead of spaghetti, chili then cheese, residents of Toledo enjoy their chili poured last on top of the spaghetti, onions or beans, and the cheese. So to reiterate: The chili is on top.


The Reddit post that began the massive debate, with hundreds of comments and dozens of memes, was a picture of chili that came from Ideal Hotdog, a restaurant with two locations in Toledo, which actually refers to its chili as “chili mac.”

Cincinnati-style fans argue out that our style of chili is more appealing to look at.

On the flipside, many Toledo-style lovers are hating on Cincinnati’s addition of cinnamon in its chili — something many Cincinnatians are quick to deter by admitting you can’t even taste it.

Some users, albeit a few, have been quick to find a middle ground in the debate by pointing out that Toledo-style chili is simply an inverted three-way, which is something you can order at practically any Cincinnati chili eatery.

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