Collecta 1:20 Scale Carcharodontosaurus Dinosaur Model Reviewed

The Collecta 1:20 Scale Deluxe Carcharodontosaurus Dinosaur Model Reviewed

Originally described as a type of Megalosaur dinosaur, Carcharodontosaurus was first scientifically described in the mid 1920’s. Fossils had been collected from Egypt by a German led expedition, unfortunately, most of the fossils associated with these excavations were stored in a German museum and subsequently destroyed by Allied bombing raids in World War Two. However, an American expedition to Morocco uncovered more fossil evidence of this huge, meat-eating dinosaur and much of what we know today about Carcharodontosaurus comes from studies of this Moroccan fossil material.

Carcharodontosaurus saharicus et al

At least two species have been identified. This dinosaur has now been classed as a member of the Allosaur family (allosaurids), a highly successful group of large to gigantic Theropod dinosaurs that lived during the Late Jurassic and into the Cretaceous. Fossils of Carcharodontosaurus have been dated to around 100 million years ago and this dinosaur was a giant predator

Skull bigger than a T. rex Skull

Size estimates vary as no near complete fossil specimen has ever been found. However, many palaeontologists estimate that this creature was around twelve to fourteen metres in length and that it weighed in excess of six tonnes. This makes it amongst the largest meat-eating dinosaurs known to science. The largest skull specimen measures 1.53 metres long, which is bigger than most of the skulls associated with Tyrannosaurus rex.

Collecta Carcharodontosaurus

The Collecta Carcharodontosaurus measures around thirty-two centimetres in length and the impressive head stands more than ten centimetres high. Based on an adult Carcharodontosaurus being around thirteen metres long (taking a mean average measurement), we estimate that this model is in approximately 1:40 scale. This is exactly the scale stated by the manufacturer (Collecta).

Detailed Dinosaur Replica

The model is painted a bronze colour with black stripes running along the body. These stripes are also present on the long tail. The replica is beautifully balanced and stands without the aid of a base. Two blue splashes can be seen around the eyes and the snout has been painted a creamy white colour. This contrasts nicely with the sandy coloured underside of the model. The Carcharodontosaurus replica has a row of prominent spines that descend from the back of the skull, along the neck and down the body to the top of the tail. Other rows of large scales can be seen in the detailed texturing of the dinosaur’s skin.

Grasping Hands and Big Teeth

The long, narrow skull is very well crafted and the open jaws show the large teeth of this dinosaur very clearly. Each tooth was highly curved and finely serrated to help this dinosaur slice chunks of meat from its victims. Grooves along the teeth allowed blood to flow away. Like most other allosaurids, this dinosaur had three-fingered hands. The arms of this dinosaur were bigger than in similar sized tyrannosaurids and they could have been used to help grasp and secure struggling prey.

This is an excellent model made by Collecta and it is great to see a replica of a super-predator such as Carcharodontosaurus added to a dinosaur model range.