Collecta Juvenile T Rex Dinosaur Model Reviewed

Collecta Juvenile T. rex Dinosaur Model Reviewed

Tyrannosaurus rex may be the most famous of all the dinosaurs, but figures of baby Tyrannosaurs are few and far between. Collecta, based in the Far East, have produced a not to scale replica of a young Tyrannosaur for their dinosaur and prehistoric animal model series and what a good figure it is too.

The model measures around nine centimetres in length from its short, stubby snout to the tip of its striped tail and it stands a little over five centimetres tall. The model has been sculpted to give the impression that this youngster was feathered. Palaeontologists believe that warm-blooded (endothermic) animals like T. rex may have been covered in insulating feathers to help keep them warm.

Long Legs

Standing on its long legs this youngster was a lot more agiile than the adult animal. It probably had to be as it would have been on the menu for other Late Cretaceous predators even members of its own family and siblings. The model is supported on a base, this permits the three-toes of the feet to be roughly in proportion with the rest of the body, although since no Tyrannosaurus rex baby skeleton has ever been found the body proportions are approximate. Some fragmentary fossil material from the Hell Creek Formation of the western United States and part of the vertebrate fossil collection at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County (California) has been ascribed to a baby T. rex, but a number of scientists have questioned whether these fossils do indeed represent a juvenile of the species.

Distal Growth Used to Create Dinosaur Model

The scientific concept of distal growth has been used to create this Colleca dinosaur model. The animal has been given relatively long limbs in proportion to its head and body. As an adult, the body proportions of T. rex would have been very different.

A Camouflaged Predator

The model has been painted with green and brown stripes with a white “V” shape on the nape of the neck and the back, in front of the hips. The head is mostly brown but with a reddish tinge behind the eyes. The colouration would have helped to camouflage this young dinosaur and prevent it from being spotted by predators.

Excellent Dinosaur Replica

The baby Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur is an excellent addition to the Collecta model range. It works well with the 1:40 scale adult T. rex model which can be found in the Deluxe model series. We hope that this manufacturer goes on to make more baby dinosaur models.