Controversial Figure Shaun King Called Out for Clothing Line Debacle

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Photo: Steven Ferdman (Getty Images)

Scam King is back at it again, but this time he set his sights on cheating people out of clothes. His private clothing line, A Real One, was launched back in 2021. The description on the company’s Instagram said it is “100 percent organic.⁣ Black-owned from the seed to the shipping and everything in between. ⁣Deeply purposeful.” Apparently, a hoodie with King’s face splattered across the front will set you back $165.

However, patrons have recently taken to social media to question why they haven’t received their orders eight months after they were placed. Media personality Ashley Ray remarked: “Hi, it’s been 8 months since Shaun King launched a ‘private clothing line’ that sold $165 hoodies, there hasn’t been an update since October, all Instagram has been removed and the last existing comments were people saying they still haven’t received their orders.”

In an email sent to Newsweek, King explained what was going on:

“1. We had nearly 3,500 orders and shipped EVERY order. All of them. Some 2-3 times. Out of those 3,500 orders about 150 people moved, or had shipping problems. For those 150 people, we resent the orders or processed refunds.

2. We just emailed our entire customer base to ask ANY customer that might have fallen through the cracks to email us. 2 people replied saying they wanted exchanges or refunds for orders they had trouble with.

Out of those 3,500 we also had 75-100 customers who had errors in their email addresses or phone numbers that may be hard for us to reach. When we then run those potential customers with errors up against all of the orders that were delivered we don’t see a single customer left with a contact info error that hasn’t received their order.

Still, we are standing by to help any customer that has a single issue or problem.”

However, people who purchased items through the website claim their inquiries went unanswered. One customer shared: “how do I get an update on my order? it never shipped and nobody is responding to any of my emails.”

King has come under fire for allegedly mismanaging funds he’s raised for charitable causes. Hopefully, people will learn to stop giving their money to him.