Corporate Sympathy Gift Ideas

There has been a complete turnaround in the concept of manpower management in most leading companies. The focus has shifted from authoritarian style of management to a more personal and caring style, which treats people who make up a company as associates and comrades. This change in attitude has led to the formation of the Associate Acknowledgment program that helps improve employee communication with the management and boost their morale. This kind of a work environment makes the employees feel supported, celebrated and acknowledged. One part of this program is the Employee bereavement policy that conveys sympathy for staff members that have suffered a family death.

Flowers and a condolence card are the most commonly used ideas. However, there are a lot of other options available for expressing support and sympathy to the bereaved family members. A sympathy gift should be chosen keeping in mind the age, family background and the interests of the people in the family. For example, avid gardeners can be given a garden-related sympathy kit that can include some flowering plant seeds, a special memorial message inscribed on a rock to be placed in the garden, as a tribute to the departed soul. The kit may also include a bonsai plant that can be maintained indoors.

Similarly, there are several sympathy kits that can be put together to cater to the special needs of the grieving family. A gourmet basket that contains special ready to cook dishes, soups, cookies or cakes can be presented, along with a sympathy card. Another idea would be to present the bereaved family with a book that provides help for dealing with loss and getting on with life after bereavement. Another idea can be of having a picture of the deceased employee framed and inscribed with a special poem. Any article that conveys a personal and special bonding with the grieving family will serve as a good corporate sympathy gift.