Dr. Oz Goes Grocery Shopping And The Twitter Mockery Is Priceless

Looks like Dr. Mehmet Oz is shopping for voters with a new campaign video shot in a Pennsylvania grocery store.

The new video shows the Pennsylvania Senate candidate and longtime New Jersey resident walking through a grocery store griping about the prices which are, of course, President Joe Biden’s fault.

“I’m doing some grocery shopping, I’m at Wengers, and my wife wants some vegetables for crudités. Right?” Oz says to the camera. “So, here’s a broccoli. That’s two bucks, well, that’s a ton of broccoli there. There’s some asparagus. That’s $4. Carrots. That’s four more dollars. That’s $10 of vegetables there, and then we need some guacamole. That’s $4 more. She loves salsa, yeah, salsa there. $6? Must be a shortage of salsa. Guys, that’s $20 for crudite, and this doesn’t include the tequila. I mean, that’s outrageous. We got Joe Biden to thank for this.”

Although inflation — the result of supply chain issues, low interest rates and high consumer spending, among other factors — is making it hard for millions of Americans to make ends meet, Oz likely isn’t among them. A recent financial disclosure report showed that the Senate hopeful and his wife have assets worth between $104 million and $422 million.

Plus, many Twitter users weren’t sure they should take advice from a guy known for promoting quack medical treatments.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.