Father’s Day Gift Guide: The Best Gins

The fact that June is home to Father’s Day plus National Bourbon Day (June 14) and World Gin Day (June 11) seems fitting. Are there two spirits that seem to define a father better? Doubtful. Watch an episode of Mad Men if you don’t think so. While much has been written about the bourbon boom, the beverage of choice for Frank Sinatra, Ryan Reynolds, and Winston Churchill, gin, has been on quite a run lately, too.

There are now more than 6,000 gin brands, and their global growth is projected to be +25% over the next five years, according to data from IWS
R. It seems everyone is rediscovering them. So, if you want to treat your Dad like James Bond in Casino Royale, the book, and make him a stiff vesper, here are six great ones to grab.

Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin, $36.99

On the shores of Lough Allen, in the tiny town of Drumshanbo, in the province of Connacht in western Ireland, sits The Shed Distillery. Founded in 2014 by P.J. Rigney, its signature gin is not to be missed. Made with gunpowder tea, it’s loaded with flavors of citrus, juniper, and spices and makes a perfect Gin Collins to sip poolside with the Old Man.

Snowdrop American Dry Gin, $37.99

Although Vermont is known for its groundbreaking craft breweries (New England Hazy IPAs), several distillers are also pushing the envelope there. One such is Saxtons River. Using a vacuum-distillation method to make their craft gin, they are able to bottle a spirit that exhibits delicate full flavors that only grow the more you sip.

Spirit Hound Barrel-Finished Gin, $39.99

If you are looking for something funkier, look no further than this offering from Spirit Hound Distillers in Colorado. By aging their gin in new, charred American Oak barrels, they can impart a flavor into each bottle that you would be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. It’s good enough to sip straight. Also, it just took home a silver medal at the London Spirits Competition, one of the biggest gin fests out there.

Portofino Dry Gin, $56.99

Made from a collection of 21 botanicals, each organically grown at Portofino Dry Gin’s botanical sanctuary high on the hills of Portofino, this beauty just recently arrived on American shores. Made by a family who has resided in the region for generations, the inspiration for their gin was their grandfather, who saved their village from destruction during World War II. It is as lush as the Mediterranean breezes that warm the Italian Riviera.

Elephant Strength Gin, $47.00

Any gin that wins the Taste Master Award at the Global Spirits Masters competition will be good. This one is great. A German, Navy Strength Gin, it was described by the judges as “stunning.” By mixing hard-to-get African ingredients with traditional methods, the distillers at Elephant Gin have crafted a drink with a full body and nose that is exceptionally smooth. The company also donates 15% of its profits to elephant conservation foundations.

Citadelle Gin, $26.99

Hailing from a region of France better known for beefy cognac, this gin has a subtle complexity hidden below the surface. That’s because it’s made at the Maison Ferrand Distillery, producers of award-winning rums, liqueurs, and cognac. Smooth and crisp, it mixes perfectly in any drink, especially a couple of G & T’s with your Dad.