I’m a coupon expert – the secret Trader Joe’s hacks to save you money on your weekly shop

TRADER JOE’S is famous for being great value for money – but did you know there are secret hacks that can save you even more cash?

While the grocery store doesn’t do sales, these tips can help you get the most bang for your buck.


Trader Joe’s has some little-known tricks to help you save money on your weekly shop

Even though Trader Joe’s doesn’t sell many mainstream brands, you can still use coupons for items that qualify, according to the article.

Products, like the Fage Yogurt, can be purchased at a discounted price with qualified coupons.

These coupons can be found on the Krazy Coupon Lady website.

The Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer is a popular flyer that contains recipes and advertisement for seasonal products but it’s not a sales flyer, as most people mistake it to be.

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Similar to Costco, customers can return almost any product to Trader Joe’s except oversold products like toilet paper, according to the article.

Customers can save time shopping by going in at particular times, especially during the early morning hours. Seniors can participate in senior hours, from 8am to 9am, to avoid the crowds.

Customers can also buy 19 cent bananas from the store, a price they haven’t changed since the 1970s. This price is much cheaper than grocery store competitors.

Trader Joe’s negotiates with its manufacturers to get the store’s name on the product. This tactic helps them sell products, like cereal, for $2 less than competitors.

Buying popular snacks, like seaweed chips, at Trader Joe’s can save customers at least $2.50.

For customers who are looking to buy fruit, opting to buy the fresh produce instead of pre-cut items can save shoppers money.

While in-store, make sure to check out their wine selection, as some products can be under $5.

Cheese, such as a half-pound of Dutch gouda cheese, can be purchased at Trader Joe’s for 2.99 in comparison to competitors who sell it for up to $9, according to the article.

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Vegetables, like organic frozen broccoli, can save shoppers up to 50%.

Buying seasonal items from the store can save customers money as well.

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