Meghan Markle Wore Wedding Accessories at the Invictus Games

After a two-year drought of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle photo ops, the couple is being snapped all over The Hague, Netherlands, where the Invictus Games The Hague 2020 (the originally-planned 2020 event was postponed, like so much of 2020 life, because of the pandemic). And, if you were wondering if Meghan was going to look even a tad less royal after two years back in the States, the answer is a resounding no.

Need proof? Then let us direct your attention at some pictures of Meghan looking like an actual goddess in an all-white Valentino suit (valued at around $4,200, according to the Daily Mail) at a reception before the kick off of the Games yesterday:

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Seriously, can someone please grab a slab of marble and chisel out a record of Meghan glowing like a Valentino-clad angel?

meghan markle white suit invictus games

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Because: GOD. DESS.

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Meghan added some more Valentino to her look for the event, carrying a $2,900 off-white bag by the designer to the reception:

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In addition to redefining the very idea of a power suit, Meghan also pulled off another impressive feat with her Invictus Games reception ~lewk~ by proving that you definitely *can* get extra mileage of your wedding day accessories (if you have high profile, international events to attend, at least).

Meghan completed the toe portion of her head-to-toe white ensemble with what *appear* to be the same white Aquazzura pumps she wore to her royal wedding in 2018.


Oh, and just for good measure, Meghan also recycled the $15,000 Cartier white gold and diamond stud earrings she wore when she walked down the aisle (to be fair, she’s reworn these earrings several times, including in Morocco in 2019 and on a trip to NYC last fall):

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Soooo…did Meghan’s style somehow get even more royal now that she’s not a working royal? Because it feels like maybe, right?

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