Michigan Jewelry Designer Has His Work Worn at 2022 Grammy Awards

Art in the Castle returned to Castle Farms in Charlevoix this past weekend, with a special guest.

Artist Michael Opipari is gaining recognition after the jewelry he designed was worn at the 2022 Grammy Awards.

Originally from Royal Oak, he’s making his way to art shows all across Michigan.

“I look at the photographs and I go yeah I made that, it was just in my studio a couple of days ago and here it is,” says Opipari.

His work has been featured in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Time Magazine and now the Grammys red carpet.

When Michelle Zauner, lead singer of the band Japanese Breakfast, had her stylist reach out to Opipari, he thought someone was messing with him.

“I have some friends in the music industry and through kind of back channels, through her publicist, I found out that it was a real deal and I was shocked,” says Opipari.

Opipari has only been designing jewelry for four years now.

He worked as a freelance photographer and architect before transferring his skills to fashion.

“I think if you have that drive, that creative drive, I don’t think the medium matters, I think you can create in any medium,” says says Opipari.

He creates everything from rings to necklaces to pendants, calling his style “orgnanic.”

“I don’t sketch my work, so I start from scratch and whatever comes out is what the piece becomes and that’s what gives it kind of it’s organic feel,” says Opipari.

Visitors at the art show were excited to learn that a local designer has been featured at such high levels.

“I mean it’s beautiful work and it just makes me happy that they’re using more small businesses and not just like Cartier and like all the big jewelry brands,” said one Charlevoix woman. “You don’t think about that in small town Charlevoix, so it’s kind of cool.”

Opipari’s next stops include shows in Detroit, Royal Oak and Grand Haven—all throughout June.

“I think every artist hopes that someday they’ll get, you know, discovered—when it happens, it’s really an unusual experience,” says Opipari.

To view some of his work, you can visit here.