Model Juju Brazil Says She Gets Bullied For Being ‘Too Hot’

Being ‘too hot’ is a problem apparently, according to a model, who says her good looks are the reason behind the ‘discrimination’ she faces. 

Even though Juju Brazil has bagged many modelling contracts, she says her good looks can be a blessing and a curse. The London-based model, who has garnered 62,400 Instagram followers, admits it can be difficult to be taken seriously in other lines of work.


After applying for TV roles and being turned down, Juju believes her ‘sexy curves’ have got in her way. 

“Being beautiful has a high price to pay. Working on TV was my dream, but for a curvy Brazilian this is taboo, they don’t want to see us on reality shows,” she was quoted as saying by Daily Star

Juju has made remarkable claims, saying that she is often bullied and discriminated against due to her appearance – and has shared her story to raise awareness.   

“I suffer a lot of prejudice for just being hot. We need to talk more about this,’ she added.

This isn’t the first time a model has spoken about their looks being a hindrance.

Previously, Veronika Rajek claimed she keeps having her Instagram account deleted because she’s ‘too pretty’ and people don’t believe she’s a real person.

The former Miss Slovakia 2016 finalist also claimed she’s been bullied for having plastic surgery – but she’s adamant she hasn’t had any work done.  

“They think I’m an AI robot or a catfish online. I call myself an alien … people don’t even believe I exist,” Rajek had told Jam Press.   

“It’s pretty discriminatory that other women can do the same thing as me and I can’t, and I just get deleted because of my looks. I call myself an alien as people don’t believe I’m real,” she had said. 

She claimed she is bombarded by messages from women body-shaming her and accusing her of using filters to enhance her appearance.  

“I don’t make any adjustments, shaping or filters – I use a skin smoothing tool but I think that’s normal. Skinny girls are body shaming plus-sized models but I’m being body shamed too as they don’t think I’m natural,” she said. 

“I get more abuse from women as they are jealous and they think I want their boyfriend,” she added. 

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