North Haven wedding, banquet facility cancels all June weddings

NORTH HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — An engaged New Haven couple says their venue canceled their wedding just days before their big day.

La Mirage in North Haven canceled all weddings booked in June, sending couples scrambling to make other plans.

Donna Kovac of New Haven had her wedding planned for June 12. Just two days ago, she got a call she never expected from the venue.

“It just threw us for a loop… It doesn’t seem real, you know,” she said.

She said the owner of La Mirage told her the wedding was canceled due to staff illness issues, only 11 days before the big day.

“I was shocked, I couldn’t even… I hung up the phone immediately and I had to tell my fiancé and he couldn’t believe it either. We sat on the couch for like 45 minutes and didn’t speak to each other so we could take it all in.”

According to La Mirage’s website, they have held weddings for the last 60 years.

“It’s not just like a photographer can’t make it or the limo driver had canceled. This is like the whole wedding, the whole venue… everything,” Kovac said.

While they got their deposit back, Kovac said she has heard 11 other brides had their weddings canceled.

“I’m worried about other people, like weddings in July, what about those people? It’s the month of June, do they not know if their wedding is the first week in July?”

Kovac and her fiancé Stuart scrambled to find an alternative venue on the same date.

“We’re very fortunate that we found another venue accommodating to us,” she said.

But it comes with a cost. The couple now has to shell out more money for their wedding.

“They should be honest with the people who trusted them with an important life change,” she said. “It’s really an important day for people.”

Bud Schoff, the owner of La Mirage, got back to News 8 after our story first aired. He said all weddings booked for June and July are canceled due to personal health issues and COVID-19 among staff members. Schoff said refunds have been issued for June weddings, and he’s in the process of contacting and refunding couples who booked in July.

Right now, he said he does not know what will happen for all August events. Schoff said he has apologized to all the couples he’s talked with. He added that he’s looking to lease or sell the building.