Older Men and Younger Women

There are a lot of older men would love to be in a relationship (married, living with, dating or sleeping with) a woman who is far younger than them. If we think about it, it makes sense as most men are driven firstly by the visual looks of a woman and the sexual motivation, especially those men who are not particularly intelligent or well educated, knowledgeable or skilled.

They do not care about how intelligent, knowledgeable or smart a woman is nor if she has a great sense of humor or personality. They prefer someone who is there for their sexual gratification and they have no chance of interesting an educated or intelligent woman; everything about their needs and requirements is shallow.

Those who end up with this much younger woman have to be able to offer something in return and this is usually comfort, material possessions, financial security, gifts or money. Both have a shallow reason for wanting the other and both are shallow people who do not want any depth of emotion in their dealings with each other

Unfortunately, men realise that it is not easy to get what they want so try to be devious, crafty and dishonest in order to obtain it sometimes and this is why you will get grown men in their sixties going into chat rooms online looking for children to chat up and groom. In their normal every day life they have no chance of finding that child and grooming them unless they are a family member or close friend of the family and even then it would be wrought with problems. The older men who prefer much younger women who are grown up and adult are not quite so selfish or shallow but nevertheless there is a selfishness in expecting something which is very much a one way street.

In the same way that a blind person would be fortunate if they found a sighted person who wanted to settle down with them, a man in his sixties would be fortunate if he finds a woman in her thirties or forties to settle down with him and this is the same whether it is a full time or a part time casual relationship. In fact if it is casual and he is not offering anything serious and long lasting he is even luckier as she could easily get someone younger who is offering more.

Years ago women would look for a sugar daddy, nowadays that term is considered to be old hat. But it still happens and always will because young women realise that they have something to use to gain things and men will always want to enjoy them. There are special dating agencies which are there for the age gap relationships but unless the guy is financially very stable he would not be able to afford to join and use them.

The women are in the minority so can usually join for free and even then there will be far more men to women.

If you are a female looking for a serious, long term full time relationship remember that the guy who is much older may get ill or have physical problems due to his age later, this might mean that you are expected to spend a lot of time with him at home or take care of him as if you are a carer and nurse and he is a patient. A much older man may also find it impossible or difficult to provide a much younger woman with an adequate sex life. Unless a woman is receiving a lot of love or money in return is it worth it for her?

Another thing to think about when you choose a much older person is that they already have a life, probably children, probably a big family and friends, and you are trying to join this and become part of it. Yet those children might be the same age or thereabouts as you, they might not like you or accept you or they may be jealous of you. They may be concerned that their parent dies and leaves the inheritance to you instead of to them.

Women who have never had a real father or family male figure to look up to often turn to older gents for their relationships but this does not mean they are being wise it simply means that they are following a pattern which has been dictated by their emotions and pasts.

To decide purely on age is wrong. There are much older people who are extremely unworldly and immature simply in older bodies. There are people who are younger who are smart, streetwise and also offer the advantage of being agile and fit.

Do the mature guys seek the much younger female because she is financially dependent on them? And nowadays how many women get into a lifestyle choice of being financially dependent on guys? It is not wise and it is not necessary. It is easier to study and pass exams and get a good career than it is to land a wealthy man and make him happy enough that he does not want to dump you. Businessmen and those who have good careers are often put off by women who are also successful or working in a top career, preferring women who are more woolly headed. It makes them feel superior and it gives them a far better chance of getting and keeping the woman.