On wedding Anniversary, Angad Bedi tells Neha Dhupia to do less ‘kharcha’

As they celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary on Tuesday, Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia share notes to wish each other on social media.

Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia have shared anniversary special notes on their social media pages as they completed four years of married life on Tuesday. Neha and Angad got married on May 10, 2018, in an intimate ceremony at a gurudwara in Delhi. The couple welcomed their daughter Mehr in November. (Also read: Angad shares cute video of ‘big bully’ daughter; agrees she takes after mom Neha)

Angad shared pictures from their wedding showcased in a video and wrote, “Happy 4 years Mrs Bedi!! 10 th may 2018-2022 chaar saal pehle bundah aandar hoya si.. aaj vi aandar hi hai!! Vyah ton pehlaan paise vi nahi si.. na si kharche.. but then again .. you weren’t there..naa si mehr naa si guriq. Sab kuch vadhiya in chaar salaan vich.. bas kharche karo khatt (I came four years ago and am still with you. Before marriage, I did not even have money. But then, neither did I have you, Mehr or Guriq. Everything has been good in these four years, we have been spending a lot )!!”

Angad Bedi’s Instagram post.

He added, “Jokes apart you have given me soo much and kept this wonderful home together. Its always the most special feeling spending time with you.. fighting..screaming..crying..its all there!! I know you have my back and i have yours. Lets not plan. . lets be like water and find our own shape and form. Here is to living life to its fullest. Waheguru mehr kare (May God bless us). @nehadhupia.”

Neha also posted a short montage from Angad’s family time. As he held a pair of feet, pressing them, Angad can be heard saying, “75th year of India’s independance but this is where I am stuck.” Angad was also seen caught in a few cute moments with Neha and their daughter Mehr. Neha posted the video and wrote, “4 years … 2 babies and a lifetime together … #happyanniversary my love @angadbedi.”

Neha and Angad had a secret wedding in the presence of their family members in a gurudwara in Delhi. They are now parents to daughter Mehr and son Guriq.