Sabika Jewelry Review: Can You Really Make Money With Sabika Jewelry?

Sabika Jewelry was founded in 2001 by Karin Mayr. They are a family run multi-level marketing company with a vision to help the family get out of a difficult time while selling quality top-notch jewelry and giving others the opportunity to do the same. It’s mainly a company made by women for women. During this review I will go over some of the specific products or things in which they offer as well as providing a brief explanation to each item, the business or income opportunity and if you can really make money with it, the cost to get started, and finally my final thoughts or opinion over everything I reviewed and the entire company itself.

The Thing:

Sabika offers quality jewelry and jewelry accessories including bracelets, earrings, necklaces, extenders, and many more. I will list 3 of the product they offer and give a brief explanation for each below!

  1. Joyful Sabika London Choker – This is one item from their “Joyful” set, to complete the look you should also get the bracelet and earrings. It’s made with Crystal, Crystal AB, Denim blue and Pacific Opal and sold for $179.
  2. Spotlight Sabika Fun Bracelet – For the full retail value of $119 they offer this bracelet made by Crystal.
  3. Natural Sabika Fun Studs – These are created with Denim Blue and are lightweight for $39.

The Opportunity:

The question still remains; can you really make money with Sabika Jewelry’s business or income opportunity? To answer this question, I will examine and explain some of their compensation plan! Payouts in this company will differ from the level or rank you are in addition to completing certain requirements! All of their ranks or levels are Consultant, Bonus Qualified Consultant, Director, Star Director, Crystal Director, Star Crystal Director, Silver Director, Star Silver Director, Gold Director, Star Gold Director, Platinum Director, and Star Platinum Director.

  1. Consultant – This is the first level or rank you can achieve in this company and in order to remain active in this rank you must have $500 or more in retail order every 3 month period. By achieving this and remaining active you will be able to earn 20% commission on all personal sales.
  2. Crystal Director – In order to achieve this rank or level you must qualify as a director or any other higher level for the month and have at least 1 qualified first generation director or higher in your team or “down-line“. When you achieve this rank or level and complete the requirements you are able to earn 20% from personal sales commission, a 6% personal sales bonus, 4-5% lifetime personal sponsoring override bonus meaning you get paid from the members you personally sponsored and their sales, and 3% Central Team Overrides meaning you earn money from anyone in your Central Teams after they make sales.
  3. Star Platinum Director – To achieve this level or rank and the payouts included you must qualify as a director or higher for the month, have 10 or more qualified generation directors or higher in your central team for the month and have 6 personally sponsored bonus qualified consultants. Once you complete all of those requirements you can earn 20% personal sales commission, 10% personal sales bonus, the 4-5% lifetime personal sponsoring override, 4% central team override, 5% first generation override, 2.5% second generation override, and 1.5% third generation override.

To Conclude, Yes, You Can Make Money With Sabika Jewelry’s Business Or Income Opportunity!

The Cost:

In order to get started with Sabika Jewelry’s business or income opportunity and begin making money you will need to purchase a starter kit. They also include a personal website fee in which is optional. I will explain both below!

  1. Starter Kit – $250. After you purchase this kit you are able to begin growing your business immediately. The kit includes jewelry at retail value $700, 1 Guest Log, business tools and supplies, 1 Sabika Tote Bag, 1 Receipt Book, and many other things to help grow your business professionally and immediately.
  2. Personal Website – $12.99. This is optional; however, it’s a monthly fee if you decide you would want one. However, it is free for the first 30 days. It will be automatically charged to your credit card the following month after the first 30 days but takes care of all the maintenance, service, support, and technical issues if any that arise.

Final Thoughts:

The products are decent but do not have a Massive Market, they should consider offering jewelry for men as well! You can definitely make women very happy with their products or things but if you’re looking to make serious income you should find a company offering products or things that almost anybody and everybody can find a need or want for. The opportunity is rough! You have to achieve a ton of ranks or levels while completing an extensive amount of requirements in order to actually make any money and when you do make money, it’s not very much! Their 20% commission on personal sales is not high enough to get remotely close to excited about. You can also lose your ranking or level in the company any given month! The cost, however, isn’t bad at all! The monthly fee for the personal website is understandable but not needed. It is designed to help you generate sales online but you can do that for free on your own if you learn how to drive traffic!

*Dustin Hale is NOT affiliated with Sabika Jewelry or their business/income opportunity!