Siddharth Mohan talks about giving a musical twist to wedding pheras

Devotional singer Siddharth Mohan spoke about giving a musical twist to wedding pheras. He revealed that the trend is here to stay…

Devotional singer Siddharth Mohan learned all “necessary wedding shlokas” to do the latest trend in the wedding industry – Musical pheras. “I have been into devotional singing for the past 25 years. Several people requested me to perform the pheras, so finally, three years back I decided to make the bride and groom’s day a bit more mesmerising,” says Mohan.

Vedic Musical pheras comprise music and Vedic chants which are sung with perfect recitations along with explanations of the mantras, Mohan explains. For the unversed, this became a fad post the Akash Ambani wedding, where the late Lata Mangeshkar crooned the Gayatri Mantra. Since then Shankar Mahadevan, Suresh Wadekar, Shobha Mudgal and many more acclaimed singers have started performing the musical pheras. “It has opened a new doorway for the artists. People are open to spending luxuriously on weddings so I am happy to see that the artists are getting paid handsomely as well,” Mohan chirps.

He recalls singing for a wedding in Jaipur with 50 per cent of the crowd being non-Indians. “I was amazed to see their participation and I was overwhelmed by their reaction,” he adds. Mohan believes the trend will soon seep into the masses as well. “Musical pheras are here to stay. Soon it will be everywhere. People love in-depth explanations. It keeps the audience engrossed,” he signs off.

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