Singaporean TikToker goes on Dior shopping spree after salesperson ignored her mom for looking ‘poor’

A Singaporean woman and her mother went on a shopping spree at a Dior boutique after her mother said she was disrespected by a sales associate who disregarded her for dressing “poor.”

Amjea, also known as @nahtyourbby on TikTok, shared a video on May 17 where she explained that her mother returned from a Dior store empty-handed after a sales associate “left her standing there” and “refused to show her the things she was asking for.”

“She left my mom standing there for 10 minutes and later my mom saw her serving a completely different family while she was still waiting there,” Amjea said in the video.

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Amjea speculated that the designer apparel sales associate most likely did not assist her mother because they receive sales commissions and might have believed that her mother was “poor” due to the way she dressed.

The TikToker suggested returning to the store the next day, and when her mother said she did not want to go back, Amjea told her that avoiding the store is “not the right way of dealing with your life problems.”

“You can disrespect me, but never disrespect my mom,” Amjea said.

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Amjea and her mother returned to the Dior store and were assisted by a different sales associate who gave the pair coffee and water as “basic customer service.” Amjea bought several handbags and accessories from the associate for herself and her mother. At the end, the original sales associate reportedly walked up to their current sales associate and sarcastically congratulated him for the large sale.

“At the end of the day, I’ll do anything to make my mom happy,” Amjea said.

The video has amassed over 8 million views and 1.4 million likes since its upload.

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Feature Image via @nahtyourbby/TikTok

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