Tara Hakin Is The Designer Behind Julia Fox’s Fiery Nail Polish-Inspired Outfit

Like many fashion designers during the coronavirus outbreak, the Belfast-born creative spent time ruminating on what she could contribute to such an oversaturated market. “I felt quite lost before the pandemic, and it showed,” she recalls. It turns out, her risqué, sculptural apparel was exactly the breath of fresh air the industry needed. 

Hakin’s innovative creations are riotous, sensual and versatile. Designs range from striking asymmetric body-con dresses to sliced-and-diced trousers that sit low on the hips and wet-look Lycra swimwear emblazoned with one-off iconography.

Instagram: @tarahakin

Hakin’s starting point when designing involves toying with shapes from the confines of her East London studio. “I usually tie my research in with 3D experimentation on mannequins. Draping is my favourite part of the process as I enjoy the tactile element. For me, fashion is about creating armour for the wearer. [I want] my items to become an extension of the wearer,” she emphasises.

Courtesy of Tara Hakin

Hakin’s talents extend beyond the inside of her studio, too. You’ve probably spotted her costume designs front and centre in music videos for Celeste and Rosalía. “If I’m working on an outfit for a music video, film or performance, I can be more unconventional.” What lies ahead for Hakin this year? “It’s great to see a wide range of people wearing my clothes who differ in age and body shape; it makes me feel proud knowing that I can offer something for everyone. My main goals are to have a wholesale stockist and to send my pieces down the runway.”