The Exact Model For Building an Easy Information Business

Sometimes I think that the internet marketing gurus make the information marketing model confusing so that they can sell you a solution.

Seriously, the more confusing you can make something, then the more you can charge for the solution, right?
And I've been thinking lately about how really easy it is to create a fully-functioning, profitable, information business. Then a friend of mine sent me a 9,800 word ebook he wrote in his niche, and he wanted my thoughts on it. And my response was that he could just turn it into a business!

This is what I told him:

Just create a new website, put some excerpts of that on your blog, make that your free download, then create a 3 hour audio course teaching EXACTLY what is in that report, sell for $ 97

Then have a blogging coaching program for $ 97 a month

That's it.

That's the model.

Nothing more.

Then just write an email a day.

Drive traffic to your blogging free giveaway page.

Then each week, record one hour of new training, sell it on the warrior forum each week.

Put warrior forum leads into your automated funnel selling your $ 97 blogging book and your $ 97 a month coaching program.

That's it.

That's the model.

It's done every day, by thousands of marketers.

Over and over and over again.

Day in, day out.

Boy, does that seem simple, or what?

And it IS simple !!!

I even had to re-read it and make sure I didn't leave anything out!

But that's everything. Think about it – who do you follow online? Is their business really any more than that? Sure, they might have 10 products instead of 1, or they might do teleseminars or webinars or something (but isn't that really just part of communicating with prospects, which is what you do in the email part of the model anyhow), but In reality, the model I just shared with you is what just about every successful marketer online does (information niches, I'm not talking selling cars or cellphones or physical goods).

Maybe you've been making it too difficult. Maybe you simply need to simplify. Simplify. Simplify.

It really can be that simple.

It can be that easy.


1) Create content
2) Put it on your website, create products with it, create a coaching program with it
3) Have an email list and communicate with the people on your email list.
4) Invite people to get on your email list, where you send them to your content, products, and coaching.