The Pack Mexico City Fall 2022 Collection

The world met The Pack last September when singer Leon Bridges arrived at the Emmy Awards wearing a black charro suit from the Mexican brand founded by Patricio Campillo.

Although the beginnings of the label date back to 2016, it was not until 2019 when the charrería became the common thread of all The Pack collections. The charro culture has very precise codes, centuries of tradition that today Campillo seeks not just to rescue but also to transform. This season he took up the Mayan legend of the nahuales, men with the ability to transform into animals.

With change as the common thread Campillo produced with a prolific collection of about. 90 pieces, including pants, jackets, corsets, and blouses, all with recognizable nods to the charro aesthetic, such as the colors black, white, and gold; the tight silhouettes; and details such as buttons that contrast with the fabric. “It bothers me a lot that the references look literal,” said Campillo. That’s why he emphasized subtlety.

Founded as a brand for men, The Pack’s end user now is more nebulous. Asked if his clothes are still for guys, he replied with a question, “What is a man?” So, who’s Patricio Campillo designing for now?… “For a person.”