These Are the Best Weed Gifts You Can Buy

A while back, we may have called these stoner gifts, but thankfully, we’ve dropped the stigma against smoking weed (in most of the country, anyway) and we don’t have to use the pejorative “stoner” anymore. Now we can just call them weed gifts. There are a multitude of ways to participate in the consumption of cannabis in 2022 and we think everyone who enjoys the benefits of THC and CBD deserves something nice that makes their ritual feel like a welcome part of their day. Whether they like to relax and enjoy a joint from time to time, are regular bong users, prefer edibles or the mobility of a vaporizer, these are the best weed gifts you can buy.

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Stundenglass Gravity Hookah V2

This is a force for weed smoking from Stundenglass. Seth Rogen uses this gravity bong, so it’s pretty much the ideal vessel for smoking weed at home.

Jonathan Adler x Higher Standards Coasters

These coasters are just a luxe addition to any home, especially the home of someone who enjoys a toke or two. Jonathan Adler knows what he’s doing.

If a discreet grinder seems like a better option, get them this one from Raw Threads that will fit in their wallet for any time use.

Session Goods Modern Water Pipe

One of our favorite weed-adjacent brands, Session Goods not only makes excellent, modern products, but it is a member of the Floret Coalition, an anti-racist collective of small businesses supporting and funding equity-oriented actions.

This elegant piece from Houseplant will upgrade any coffee table immediately, with its oil lamp, built-in ashtray and integrated match holder.

Storz & Bickel Mighty+ Vaporizer

Our pick for the best upgrade vaporizer you can buy, the Mighty+ from Storz & Bickel will help them get a top-tier vape, every time.

Edie Parker Glass Fruit Pipe in Orange

If they’ve ever smoked out of an apple, get them an upgrade. This glass fruit pipe from Edie Parker gives them the experience without the work.

Houseplant Ashtray Set by Seth

If Seth Rogen designed it, you know it is tailor-made for the weed connossieur. Anyone would love to have this, even if they don’t partake.

Jonathan Adler Vice Weed Canister

Jonathan Adler makes some of the most fun pottery around, including this cookie jar-inspired weed jar.

Dangle Supply WizardStix Titanium Sherlock Pipe

Another Dangle Supply special, let them embrace their inner Gandalf with this long titanium pipe that all but eliminates heat before it hits their lips.

Boy Smells Cowboy Kush Candle

We’ve touted the Cowboy Kush candle from Boy Smells elsewhere on our site, but it is a perfect fit for this gift guide. Get them something that smells weed adjacent that will also brighten up the home.

Zig Zag 6 Pack French Orange Rolling Papers 1 1/4

An icon. Zig Zags are cheap, but an undeniably good gift for the joint roller.

Tetra Airtight Storage Jars

Tetra makes a handful of airtight storage jars that will keep their flower fresh for as long as possible. Plus, no smell can get out.

Dangle Supply DangleBong Titanium Water Bong

Dangle Supply’s titanium pipes and bongs are the perfect addition to their bike camping setup (just clip it on with a carabiner).

Dad Grass x Yes Plz – Coffee Mug

Do they love to wake and bake? Give them a mug that will go perfectly with their AM joint.

This sleek, discreet one-hitter is made from pure, non-toxic brass and will pass as a pen. The helix design on the inside is what really sets it apart, creating a cooling flow that won’t burn their throat.

Houseplant Block Table Lighter

Another Seth-inspired joint, the Block Table Lighter is a classy way to light up from your couch, no BIC required.

The Pax 3 is the best vape, period. Just get this for them and they’ll never need another vape again.

High on Design: The New Cannabis Culture

A cannabis-inspired coffee table book will look great next to their ashtray or other handsome weed paraphernalia.

Dad Grass is an old favorite here at GP — its merch looks awesome without looking like it was bought at a head shop in 1998.

Not every ashtray has to be designed by Seth Rogen. This one is simple and affordable but still looks nice on anybody’s coffee table. Plus, it doubles as a nice tray for some palo santo.

Old Pal Clouded Pullover Sweater

Old Pal is one of the most aesthetically pleasing weed brands out, and their merch is top tier. Get this and skip the tie-dye tee.

Free & Easy 5-Panel Snapback

So this doesn’t scream “Weed Gift” but the mantra aligns with chillin’ out and the brand has collaborated with Dad Grass, though that collaboration has, unfortunately, sold out.

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Spoon Pipe

While our favorite bong from Higher Standards is currently sold out, you can still pick up this excellent pipe, which makes for big rips and a great smoking experience.

Santa Cruz Shredder Metal Herb Grinder

Our splurge pick for the best weed grinder, the Santa Cruz Shredder is durable, works exactly how you want it to and is an iconic piece of weed culture.

Hemplights Hemp Wick Bundle Pack

Don’t let them light their weed with butane, which causes unnecessary smells and inhalation of fumes. This lighter case holds a hemp wick, which burns clean.

Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control Packs

Weed doesn’t have to go bad quickly. These humidity control packs will keep their stash fresh for longer.

Veil Weed Odor Eliminator

Keep the weed smell at bay with this odor eliminating spray from Veil, which combines orange, black pepper and cedar to keep your space from getting skunky.

Screwpop Hit-Kit Compact Pocket Herb Tool with Bowl

This cheeky little lighter case has room to store a bit of weed and has a spot to burn it down.

Barbasol Diversion Safe Stash Can

If they love movies, they’ll love this Jurassic Park-inspired Barbasol can that can stash their weed or paraphernalia without attracting any suspicion.

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