Top Spring Jewellery Trends To Follow In 2022

2022 has been a funny year for fashion, many trends that have been dominant for many years are starting to die out. Gone are the days when skinny jeans used to be cool and this goes the same with minimalist jewellery. With more people than ever working from home, people have been less likely to doll up every day or even put jewellery on, but if you have, chances are they have been very subtle.


Now everyone is allowed out to play again, people have now been turning toward a more maximalist approach. Other trending areas include vintage and antique pieces that are still looking as modern as the day they were made such as a beautiful art deco engagement ring. In this article, we will go through some of the top spiring jewellery trends to be following in 2022.

Chain-Link Everything

It is no secret that many of the trends from the ‘90s have come back by storm, with baggier jeans, clothing with slits in them and the all famous chain link necklace. Chain link is being found on almost any garment of clothing at the moment. Whether this is on shoes,  belts, blazers or jeans. The difference is that this chan link has become a lot larger than its predecessors. You can find some great quality vintage jewellery that will have this style so it’s best to have a look around.

Chunky Chokers

Layered necklaces have been trending for a couple of years now, and whilst they still look beautiful, designers are choosing neckwear that has a little more impact. Chunky chokers are going to be making more of an appearance this spring in shiny gold, pearls and crystals. Everything you will see will be over the top for some, but a maximalist approach is certainly the new “normal”.  The styles do vary from one designer to the next, but it is all under the same value, maximalist and shiny. Some are using a watch strap style while others are using bauble gemstones, so keep your eye out for one that you feel will g with your lifestyle.

Candy-Coloured Baubles

The runway often creates trends that many follow, other trends derive from all corners of the world and then fashion follows suit. This was the same with the grunge trend and also the nameplate necklace. This is happening with colourful jewellery in 2022. This has happened due to the rise of Tiktok where flowery acrylic rings made their fame, enamel accents and “sweet as candy” colours are going to be making an appearance this spring/summer.


Bicep Bracelet

Bicep bracelets were definitely a ‘90s trend that took the world by storm, and now, they are back with a vengeance. Many top designers including Fendi, Etro and Alberta Ferretti all adopted this trend in their catwalk shows. Many designers have adopted a more roman looking approach with gilded armlets whereas others have kept it a little more simple and modern.


Silver jewellery has been outdated for a while until last year when silver jewellery came back into style. Many designers are adopting a more silver approach to jewellery following Ferragamo and Alexander McQueen using chrome in their designs in earrings and chokers.