What Is The Transitional Style?

Often times when doing an initial consultation before a home goes on the market, it is necessary to discuss with the sellers the importance of staging their home in a "Transitional style." The Transitional Style is one of the most effective means of successful Home Staging and is often underestimated and misunderstood by sellers.

Staging a home in a Transitional Style is one of the most important tools available to sell a home quickly and for top dollar. Buyers love to see the warm neutral color palettes because it allows them to envision their own belongings in the home. The simple clean lines and properly scaled furniture make the home feel spacious and open. Up to date finishes and key accessories keep the décor feeling trendy, comfortable and "move-in ready." The characteristics of the Transitional Style are neither too masculine nor too feminine and have the capability to appeal to a wide demographic. Making strategic modifications to a home in order to prepare for the most effective showings possible is worth the seller's extra attention.

The Transitional Style is a classic style that successfully blends the warmth of the traditional style with Contemporary style clean lines and neutral color palette. It is a new take on a classic look. Ornamentation is kept to a minimum, and furniture pieces are appropriately scaled to the space so as not to be overwhelming. The overall feel of the style is casual and welcoming. Chances are if you have walked into a Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware or flipped through a Ballard Designs catalog recently then you have experienced the Transitional Style. Typically, larger pattern prints are used as accents, on a throw pillow for example. Patterns are only used as a subtle accent; the Transitional Style is not about using lots of patterns or having a theme. The goal of this style is to properly accessorize the home using key decorative pieces that draw interest. An ideal balance between simple detail and over accessorized clutter. Characteristically, a Transitional Style home would have fabrics that are suede, chenille, linen or leather. Textured solids in sophisticated fabrics are frequently incorporated. Sheer panels or roman shades on the windows, and bold furniture with simple lines. Perhaps a bit of mirror, glass or metallic also adds something special to the space. Ruffles, tassels, and florals are definitely out of place in a Transitional Style space. The Transitional Style exemplifies an active and comfortable lifestyle.

Why is the Transitional Style important to you as you prepare to put your home on market? This style is ideal for home staging because it has the potential to appeal to the widest range of potential buyers. If a home is decorated in a way that is too taste specific, buyers become so distracted by the style of the furnishings and decorations that they fail to see the potential in the home's best selling features. Upon entering a home, buyers immediately develop a feeling associated with home. Sometimes buyers simply can't look past someone else's personal tastes and belongings to see the potential in the home or envision their own belongings in the home. An opinion has already been formed because of the seller décor, regardless of what the home truly has to offer. Every showing is important while your home is on the market, remember, it only takes one buyer.