Who Is The Beauty Tyrant

I'm the Beauty Tyrant, of course, a beauty buff in her late 20s.

How it all started? I became a beauty buff ever since I got my index finger nicked by my mom's eye brow razor when I lovingly stroked it, thinking it was a soft eye brow brush. I was a very little girl then. I had seen her use the eye brow brush a million times and I swear I knew it was a brush instead of a razor. Innocence of a child, no? Back then, Mom had a treasure trove of pretty colors and makeup that I will secretly rummage and experiment, often with hilarious results.

So what's different here? I'm basically a huge cheerleader for natural beauty except for my addiction for lipstick and lip gloss. Therefore, I'm always on a lookout for new skin care products and new tips and ways to enhance natural beauty and not too much weight on makeup-induced beauty. Don't get me wrong, I'm no prud. I do use makeup too, but I try best to keep it at a minimum, simply just to cover up some flaws and to improve better features. Minimalism is beauty, that's my mantra on beauty.

I chose to start Beauty Tyrant because as a woman, I have my insecurities about my looks and my body. Trust me, my insecurities are too many to list down. It can be very trying at times and frustrating, having the desire to be on par with the perception of beauty but at the same time don't really have a clue where or how to start on the quest for beauty. I understand that there are also many women out there who may face the same trials and tribulations as myself in a world where beauty takes center stage. Hey, even the most beautiful woman has her insecurities one way or another. Here, I hope to offer some very honest opinions and tips that I myself practice which I really think are useful and beneficial.

Beauty Tyrant says, "Beauty is YOUR Forte. Look around you, there is beauty everywhere but true beauty comes from within you."

Laugh at my silly antics but most of all, get those precious beauty tips and secrets here at http://beauty-tyrant.blogspot.com