Wild wedding dance elicits cheers as bride and groom get raunchy

They couldn’t wait for the wedding night.

A brazen bride and groom are dividing social media after performing a raunchy dance routine at their nuptials.

Footage of the naughty newlyweds — who have not been publicly identified — was uploaded to TikTok Tuesday night and has racked up more than 2.4 million views in less than 24 hours.

In the clip, the brunette bride is seen sitting on a chair surrounded by family and friends as she prepares for her new husband to remove her garter.

And while that wedding ritual has always been a little risqué, the groom takes it to a new level by licking his lover’s legs.

Clearly aroused, the bride pops her right leg over her new spouse’s shoulder before he slides his tongue along her calf.

His wife seems thrilled with the public display of affection, popping her finger in her mouth as if in sexual ecstasy.

The couple continued their raunchy routine — which was cheered on by their guests — with the groom pushing the bride’s legs wide open, kissing her thigh and seemingly moving closer to her crotch

The spectators appeared thrilled by the saucy spectacle, with the TikTok user who posted the clip hilariously captioning it: “The groom was starving! Bon appétit!”

A bride and groom have divided the internet after footage of their very frisky wedding dance went viral on TikTok.

However, many viewers were far less impressed, calling the couple “classless” and “embarrassing.”

“Imagine your grandma standing there watching that!” one exclaimed.

“Wow the look in his eyes was pure desire to take her. Omg why in front of everyone?!” another stunned commenter quizzed.

"Imagine your grandma standing there watching that!" The groom couldn't keep his hands — and his tongue — off his new wife.
“Imagine your grandma standing there watching that!” one viewer lamented after the groom couldn’t keep his hands — and tongue — off his new wife.

Meanwhile, a third grossed-out viewer bluntly asked: “What is wrong with people?”

But supporters claimed the couple had sizzling chemistry and were merely expressing their love for one another.

“She’s having fun,” one fan weighed in. “It’s her wedding. Don’t be mad she’s having a good time!”

"She's having fun," one supporter weighed in. "It's her wedding. Don't be mad she's having a good time!"
“She’s having fun,” one supporter weighed in. “It’s her wedding. Don’t be mad she’s having a good time!”

The viral couple has not yet spoken out about their scandalous moves, but they aren’t the only newlyweds to make news in recent weeks.

Last month, an interracial bride and groom made headlines after a controversial clip from their wedding showed the white wife escorting her new husband, who appears to be black, into their reception on a dog leash. 

Meanwhile, back in March, a man in Chile baked his sister a “magical” wedding cake laced with marijuana that had guests dancing all night.